• Printed photos are scanned at either 300dpi or 600dpi
  • Slides and negatives are scanned at either 2,000dpi or 4,000dpi
  • All pictures handled with extreme care; I mean we even wear cotton gloves
  • Nothing is outsourced. We scan everything in house in beautiful Los Angeles, CA
  • We can scan about 700 pictures in 1 day. Any size up to 8x10”


Pictures must fit in the box without deforming the box. We highly recommend packing shipping paper inside to prevent contents from sliding around during shipping/transportation. 


Box dimensions: 11” x 8.5” x 5.5”

Scanning: Flat-Rate Box

  • Shipping included, thumb drive is on us! Uploading available on request.


    All photos are scanned on professional flat-bed scanners. We handle every photo with white cotton gloves. When we are done, we ship your photos back along with the flash drive and anything else you ordered. 

    All photos are scanned at either 300dpi or 600dpi JPEG files. All slides and negatives are scanned at either 2,000dpi or 4,000dpi JPEG files, your choice, and saved to a usb thumb drive.

    All color slides and negatives, regardless of which resolution you choose, will be scanned with Digital ICE Technology to help reduce dust and scratches.






    Once an order is placed, EditYo will send you a Flat-Rate Box for you to fill up, about 1800 smaller photos. We will also email you a shipping label to place on the box. Once you fill it up, and label it, send it back to us so we can start scanning. Once we’re done, we’ll send it back to you along with a flash drive. 

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