Frequently Asked Questions

What is EditYo?

EditYo is a secure, high quality service that scans your pictures, slides, and negatives to digitize them and back them up so you'll have them forever even in case of disaster. We also enhance pictures so they look their best! EditYo offers prints as well.

How does EditYo Work?

EditYo is very simple to use!

  • Create a free account if you wish
  • Choose what services you want and add them to your cart
  • We’ll send you a flat-rate box and email you a shipping label
  • Fill the box with all the pictures, slides, and negatives you can and send the box back to us
  • After we’ve scanned everything in, we’ll send your original pictures back to you along with a flash drive that contains all your pictures
  • Enjoy! Now you can share your pictures with all your friends and family all over the world!

I have confidential photos, are they safe with EditYo?

It doesn’t matter if you’re Joe Shmoe or the Queen of England, we keep your pictures safe. We do not keep a copy of any picture, we do not give out or sell any pictures, and we have a tiny team of people who are the only ones who may incidentally see your pictures. Please refer to our legal information for details and limitations.

Will my pictures be damaged?

Your pictures cannot be damaged because we only use flatbed scanners. It’s slower, but guarantees no damage to your photos. Most other guys use high speed document fed scanners so they can get through as many pictures as possible as quickly as possible. When it comes to your most priceless possessions, we don’t rush nor do we risk the chance of getting an irreplaceable original photo jammed in the scanner. Also, speed and quality do not go hand in hand. Even though high speed scanners claim to scan at 300 or 600dpi, it’s just not achieving that. We use multiple stabilized flatbed scanners at once to scan your pictures, and we don’t rush through them. The only chance your pictures would have at being damaged would be during shipping. This is why we highly encourage you to pack your pictures carefully with lots of filler and tape!

Is my credit information secure?

We go to great lengths to make sure our customers’ information is secure on all levels and all fronts. We use the latest and greatest payment authorizing apps, and we don’t give out or sell your information to anyone.

What about copyright infringement?

As long as you own the rights to your pictures for EditYo to scan, you still own the photo as well as the digital copy. Even the pictures we enhance, edit, or print, you the customer own everything about the picture. Please see our legal information for details and limitations.

I don’t need scanning, just editing.

Great! We can help with that. Just send us your picture through the Enhancements Page, tell us what you want us to do and we’ll give you a price.

What about video?

At this time we are working exclusively with photos and other still images.

Why should I have my pictures scanned?

Pictures are one of our most irreplaceable priceless possessions. They are constantly deteriorating from UV light and chemicals in the air and in their containers. The only true way to save these precious memories for future generations is for them to be on a flash drive or in the cloud safe from time, accidents, natural disasters, robberies, etc. When pictures are in photo albums or stashed away in boxes, they are difficult to share. When they are on the computer, you can share them with family and friends all over the world; instantly and securely.

How can I protect my pictures from the risks of deterioration and loss by fire or flood?

Digitize them with EditYo right now!

Every second of everyday, your pictures are deteriorating, fading, getting damaged, or lost. We all have pictures in boxes that are all over the house, in storage units, or just floating around in the most random places.

If you had an emergency, were threatened by fire or storm, and needed to get out quickly, it’s much easier to grab one flash drive with all your pictures than to scramble to try and find all of them.

When your pictures are digitized, you are not only protecting them from disaster, you can easily share them online with family and friends all around the world on any device whenever you want. No shipping. No quality loss. No risk of losing an irreplaceable original.