Conceived in Fire

EditYo was conceived by Kevin Brown on the day his home was threatened by an oncoming brush fire. When he went to load his precious photos in the car, he realized there were boxes and boxes of family photos in the most random places. He loaded as many as he could for safekeeping but was sure he was leaving many behind.

Built to Serve

The fire spared Kevin’s photos that day but he decided there and then that he wanted to get them organized, so he started scanning them. Given the complexities and amount of time involved, he realized there were thousands of other people in the path of that same fire, desperately looking for their pictures too. He decided there was a business here.

Fueled by Experience

Kevin relies on his many years of experience with major post-production companies in Hollywood. He has a B.A. in Broadcasting from the University of La Verne. He has worked for years training and practicing in digital editing software on the most sophisticated digital equipment available.  

Offering the Best at a Fair Price

EditYo now includes photo professionals with more than half a century of cumulative photographic experience! We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, timeliness, and privacy in offering our customers the best at a fair price. Please let us serve you in protecting your photos for generations to come.